Dining in the East Village and Lower East Side
Departures 8.04
Black truffles on Avenue A.
Profile: Dale DeGroff
Drinking at the Rainbow Room with a great bartender.
Life is Sweets
Food: The best desserts in New York
Time Out New York
In which I consume 186 restaurant desserts.
Stranger still: this was a cover story.
Oddities: The story of Borscht.
This is an old, weird one. A  soup’s autobiography. From a  special “humor” issue. Always a bad idea.
Condé Nast Traveler
I don’t really approve of the word “foodie” in the title. But I do approve of being paid to race across France with my pal D. Leary using the Tour as our rough guide and Waverly Root’s The Food of France as inspiration. Including: lunch at Michel Bras; an attempt to bike up the Alpe d’Huez; squab cooked in a pig’s bladder; with meals and bathroom breaks in Perigord, Auvergne, Languedoc, Provence, Savoie, Burgundy & Paris.
Condé Nast Traveler
With the Guide Rouge heading to New York, I fly to Paris to talk with the  new chief of the guides and enjoy an obscenely expensive lunch at Taillevent with entertaining rogue ex-Michelin inspector Pascal Remy.  
Beard House
Food: The singular sartorial lunacy of James Beard.  
I’ve written about food for a fashion magazine so why not fashion for a food magazine?
Three writers get $2000 each from GQ to spend on their idea of the perfect meal. I went to Barcelona and ate onion gelato at Espai Sucre, an all-dessert restaurant.
Food: Hiking the Ancascocha Trail on the way to Machu Picchu.
Food & Wine
Hiking and camping (and altitude sickness and freshly slaughtered sheep) at 15,000 feet with a Peruvian chef and a team of horsemen and cooks. We arrive at Machu Picchu mud-caked and smelling like hell. Back in Lima we celebrate with jet-black scallop ceviche and dark beer.
Food: A driving tour of Sonoma’s artisinal cheese makers.
Food & Wine
Cheese! Ig Vella’s dry jack, the Mount Tam at Cowgirl Creamery. Etc. And picnics.
Food: Cape Town, Johannesburg, the Cape Winelands and Kruger National Park
Food & Wine
Late night in Cape Town. Wine tours through Stellenbosch and Franschhoek. Drive from Joburg
to Kruger National Park where we see the Big 5, are nearly trampled by moronic Cape buffalo, eat
all manner of biltong and I am taught how to say crass things in Afrikaans.  
Food: Tokyo
Budget Travel
Is Tokyo the greatest eating city in the world? Points of investigation include: Tonkatsu comparisons; a trip to the Ramen Museum; multiple sushi breakfasts at Tsukiji fish market; manja-yaki; grilled ginkgo nuts at a robata near the fake food district; long afternoons in the depachika food halls and long nights in the cocktail bars.  
Translated into French.
Bon Appetit    
They’ve got a feature of mine that hasn’t run yet so for now here’s this little thing.
Food: Francis Ford Coppola’s chicken
My one shot to talk to the Godfather director and I have to ask him about his recipe for chicken under a brick.
Food: Drew Nieporent
Restaurateur on how not to be fat.
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Q: What about corn dogs?
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Best New Steakhouses
October 2007
A(nother) red meat round-up.