Profile: Frank Sinatra, Jr.
Time Out New York
In which Frank Sinatra, Jr. assures me “There is very little demand for Frank Sinatra, Jr. albums.”
Travel: Russia
Entrée Magazine
Caviar, vodka, heat wave, social upheaval, Nabokov’s Scrabble set, bear for dinner, etc.
Deja Guga?
Cover: Gustavo Kuerten
Tennis Magazine 6.03
The laid back Brazilian genius prepares for the French Open
Martha Stewart Weddings
I’m not entirely sure why my wedding photo is in Martha Stewart’s magazine. But there we are.

(Also: I am not the impostor “Adam Sachs” from the jury that convicted Martha though
NBC News seemed to think I
Food: Dining in the East Village and Lower East Side
Departures 8.04
Black truffles on Avenue A.
Interview: Robert Benton
New York Magazine
Writer/director Robert Benton (Kramer V. Kramer,  Bonnie & Clyde) talks about his adaptation of Phillip Roth’s The Human Stain.
Trend Report
Service: Holiday buying reports
Departures 11.03 & 11.04
Dior Rasta sneakers, the return of
Joël Robuchon & other important things.
Life is Sweets
Food: The best desserts in New York
Time Out New York
In which I consume 186 restaurant desserts.
More bizarrely, this was a cover story.
Doubles Or Nothing
Cover: Bryan Brothers
Tennis Magazine 3.04
At the US Open with twin doubles champs Bob & Mike
Opinion: Tennis sucks in NY
Tennis Magazine 9.04
In which I complain about the
smell of sewage on my local public courts
Many more Time Out stories can be found indexed here.
Beard House
Food: The singular sartorial lunacy of James Beard.  
I’ve written about food for a fashion magazine so why not fashion for a food magazine?
New York Magazine
The Pioneer Schooner sails the New York Harbor.
C’mon Already!
Profile: Lleyton Hewitt
Tennis Magazine 1.04
Hewitt’s problems.
Red White & Williams
Sport: Williams Sisters
Tennis Magazine 9.03
Can the sisters save the Fed Cup? Billie Jean King interview.
Tennis at the Olympics
Sport: Olympics
Tennis Magazine 8.04
adam sachs
other  magazines
Men’s Vogue
October 2007
Best New Steakhouses
October 2007
A(nother) red meat round-up.