Shoppers look on in horror as man ‘beats baby squirrel to death’ in UK grocery store

Shoppers were left horrified after a baby squirrel was allegedly beaten to death after wandering into a grocery store.

Eyewitnesses intervened after the animal was reportedly attacked at a store in Camberwell, South East London last week.

One person recounted the alleged incident on social media, saying the “dangerous” individual should be held accountable.

The eyewitness described how “horrified shoppers” witnessed someone “beat a baby squirrel to death” after it “wandered” into the corner shop, My London reports.

A photo of the alleged animal shared along with the tweet shows a squirrel apparently dying under a cloth in a cardboard box after onlookers tried to rescue it and give it water.

“Authorities are being notified,” added the eyewitness in a Twitter post, which was shared more than 200 times on Twitter.

“A dangerous man that needs to be held accountable,” they told their followers.

According to the customer, other bystanders in the store attempted to save the baby squirrel – but tragically it was too late.

The eyewitness claimed they had informed both the police and RSPCA about the distressing incident.

The RSPCA confirmed on Sunday that they have been made aware of the “upsetting situation” and are asking for anyone with more details to contact them.

In a statement, an spokesperson for the animal cruelty charity said: “This must’ve been a distressing incident.

“We are looking into this and would urge anyone with information about it to contact us on 0300 1234 999.”

A spokesperson for the Met Police said: “Police are investigating a report of animal cruelty that is alleged to have occurred in Camberwell New Road on Friday, 16 September. No arrests have been made and enquiries are ongoing.”